Louis Vuitton's Racist Manager

Louis Vuitton Is Being Sued Over a Store Manager's Racial Comments


Louis Vuitton it found itself under fire for racial slurs, by one of it's store managers according to the Daily Mirror. Louis Vuitton is being sued by an employee for the store managers racist remarks. Sales associate Oliver Coffee, who is now suing the French fashion house for racial discrimination harassment, that the manager told him "black people are slaves, and should eat dirt off the floor" but the growth of the remark didn't stop there Coffee that the manager allegedly called "Barrack Obama a muppet and that America would be better off with Miss Piggy as president, because Muslim people don't eat pork" the comment was "grossly offensive an extremely humiliating" Coffee said according to him the comment me all start after discussion between co-workers about the origins of the English language. The Store manager was fired whilst the matter is being investigated.

"Shopping while black" is a phrase commonly used for the type of marketplace discrimination that is also called "consumer racial profiling", "consumer racism" or "racial profiling in a retail setting". Shopping while black describes the experience of being denied service or given poor service because one is black.